Website copy that attracts and builds your ideal audience

In the vast online space, you don’t need to be all things to all people. You just need to attract the people that want what you’re offering.

When people have landed on your website, then give them a good reason to stick around because they’re getting the information they need. The words on your website pages have only seconds to get your benefits across clearly and succinctly.

Nurture the relationship with your future customer from the very first visit. Using your unique brand tone of voice and language, your website copy shows you understand their need, and that you have a solution to help them.

Website SEO copywriting means your website pages will be optimised for your most important keywords. Content writing is first and foremost about developing topics your audience wants to know about. Optimising for SEO means the pages are satisfying the search engines so that your website shows up for key search phrases.

We help you with:

  • Developing your unique brand tone of voice and key messages for each website page
  • Review and revision of current website copy and content
  • SEO optimisation of current website pages and copy

Gina, your work on my website through creating content with blogs and focussing on our SEO has made big difference. I was sceptical on how content development would help in people finding our website, but it has.

Thank you - your words in the blogs and advice have been a big part in helping CastStone expand and stay ahead of the market. Always look forward to your visit, your personal service would be hard to beat.

Rosemary WhiteOwner and Director, CastStone