We help small to medium businesses to grow through connecting with their ideal customers online.

We use images, words and video to represent your brand online and lead the way to growth. We’ve been in content marketing since 2010, starting our first online business creating videos, blogs, email newsletters and webinars. We’ve seen the evolution of content from spammy “get as many visits and followers as we can” to quality over quantity, in both content and followers.

Today content marketing is about carefully crafted content and publishing this content with the right consistency and regularity, to connect with and grow the audience you want for your business.

The Butterfly Effect 

Why BlueMorph Media as our name? Much like the butterfly effect, small movements can create a large impact. The Blue Morpho butterfly is stunningly beautiful and has been an intriguing creature to humans for a long time. The blue in the butterfly’s wings is not actually blue pigment, it’s iridescence – which is an optical process where the precise angle of the diamond-like scales on their wings creates different hues of blue.

The Blue Morpho can delicately flap its wings creating a refraction that can be seen a long way away. This both attracts attention and frightens off predators – a nice balance.

The wings of a Blue Morpho reflect blue on the top and brown underneath, so that as they fly, they swap between being visible and invisible. These are good stealth tactics, just like any good content strategy campaign.

Call us today and let us help you find ways to flap those butterfly wings and reach a wider audience.

Gina Kasmas

Founder, BlueMorph Media

Gina and her team at BlueMorph Media were instrumental in helping us define our key messages for the business and developing content that was relevant and targeted. The approach was thorough, informed and at all times constructive and we are so pleased with our new website.

Annabel, Field Kiriakidis Accounting.

"Gina understands how to engage the H&L team and extract key business messages for publication. She knows there is plenty of information inside the organisation that can be shared with our business community and develops content accordingly in a professional and succinct manner. She is an excellent content writer and developer and has a great understanding of the SEO aspects of copywriting.

Leonie, Marketing Manager, H&L Australia

Gina has been working with us for some time now on our blog strategy, e-mail marketing and website SEO copywriting. Gina is not only a brilliant writer, she is an expert in content strategy and a valued partner of the business. I would highly recommend Gina.

Rebecca, Marketing Manager, Ken Hall Plumbers

Gina, your work on my website through creating content with blogs and focussing on our SEO has made big difference. I was a sceptical on how content development would help in people finding our web site, but it has. Thank you - your words in the blogs and advice have been a big part in helping CastStone expand and stay ahead of the market. Always look forward to your visit, your personal service would be hard to beat.

Rosemary, CastStone - Owner

We have been working on our content marketing strategy with BlueMorph Media for several years and each year we see our website statistics grow considerably. The team at BMM help us deliver great content which makes the laundromat business a lot more interesting.

Star Laundromat