I began content strategy and content marketing in 2010

I have a passion for supporting my clients to facilitate the transformation and growth of their business – whether it’s a small or large one. The words that represent your brand can carry your business step by step as it grows. Or they can do the opposite. I take the time to find out where you are in your business cycle, so that the words lead the way to growth.

These were the early days when terms such as “content marketing” and “content strategy” was still relatively unknown. I had an online wellness business that represented complementary therapy practitioners and created content weekly which included newsletters, blogs, video blogs, webinars and online radio, using social media to distribute the message.

Any business with a long-term future has been created with time, patience, passion and the willingness to continue making it better. Most often this does not occur with one big event, it happens with a series of small events that eventually lead to a big impact.

Why BlueMorph Media as our Name?

Much like the butterfly effect, small movements can create a large impact. The Blue Morpho butterfly is stunningly beautiful and has been an intriguing creature to humans for a long time. The blue in its wings is not actually blue pigment, it’s iridescence – which is an optical process where the precise angle of the diamond-like scales on their wings create different hues of blue.

The Blue Morpho can delicately flap its wings creating a refraction that can be seen a long way away. This both attracts attention and frightens off predators – a nice balance.

Its wings are blue on the top and brown underneath, so that as they fly, they swap between being visible and invisible – good stealth tactics, just like any good content strategy campaign!

Call us today and let us help you find ways to flap those butterfly wings for great marketing effect.

Gina Stamas – BlueMorph Media