SEO Services and Optimising Your Content

Optimising your website pages and content is like putting out the flags for passing traffic to see your business. Non-optimised content might be well written, but it will lead to very little increased traffic. If your website is not SEO friendly, then potential customers are passing by your website without noticing your business.

Optimising your website content not only means writing to satisfy indexing criteria for search engines, it also means writing to engage your website visitors as this will have the greatest impact on improving your online SEO.

Targeted content that is developed with our content strategy services, speaks loud and clear to your audience. Your website is your online salesperson, the more you invest in it, the more it will deliver leads for your business. Investing in SEO services is key to your online success.

Make Your Content Visible

If you are going to the effort of developing content for your website, then make sure it has the best opportunity to be seen online. An effective content marketing strategy needs a sound underlying SEO strategy. For a simple explanation of why SEO and content marketing are important and how they go hand in hand, read our blog on Why You Need Content Marketing And A Layman’s Description Of SEO Services.

Content Writing - Creating Words With Effect

The Science: Did you know?

Did you know? 90% of search queries online result in a click on an organic listing. 10%, perhaps less, result in a click on a paid ad (note – paid ads still have their place). The first 5 positions on Google’s first page get over 65% of the clicks. So not only is it important to get your business on Page 1, you need to be in the first 5 positions. [Source SmartInsights]

Gina, your work on my website through creating content with blogs and focussing on our SEO has made big difference. I was sceptical on how content development would help in people finding our website, but it has.

Thank you - your words in the blogs and advice have been a big part in helping CastStone expand and stay ahead of the market. Always look forward to your visit, your personal service would be hard to beat.

Rosemary WhiteOwner and Director, CastStone