Graphic Design – Pictures Say What Words Cannot Convey

People make a decision whether to keep reading the pages of your website within 10 seconds of landing on it. We know we don’t have to spend any more time than this. Your logo, images and photos play a big part in this.

Custom images, infographics, photos and icons bring your website content together, making it feel more real and personal and creating a better user experience for people.

Your website, social media channels and your blog need images that complement the writing or tell the story on their own. Quality images make a website welcoming and engaging compelling people to come back.

Images and Photos to Personalise Your Website

  • Infographics – share your services in a visual way by creating an infographic for your website and social channels.
  • Custom made icons – these create familiarity with your clients, and you can use them across all your marketing channels.
  • Photos of your team – photos of you and your staff will drop another barrier to your business and make people relate to you more.
  • Photos of your business in action – whatever your service is, images representing your actual business say a whole lot more than stock images.
Content Writing - Creating Words With Effect

The Science: Did you know?

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visual information is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than words!

Very happy with Gina’s review of my website in order to increase sales. Previously there were trickles of online orders. Almost instantly we saw an increase in site visits followed by orders. Some were even from areas we didn’t even envisage getting from.

Gina spends a lot of time getting to know your business. She doesn’t just add the tech stuff, but personalises your website to portray your business and your service. Nothing was too much trouble. Areas on our website that I thought were quite good, Gina identified gaps and tailored them to make it easier for our customers to get to areas much easier particularly to make a purchase. I would highly recommend her work.

Sharon, Owner Earlier Times