The Success of an Effective Content Strategy starts Right at the Beginning

A great content strategy starts with good planning. The time taken at the start to review the potential impact of our marketing effort will help us define and refine your content marketing as it evolves. Planning means that you start off on the right flight path, with content that connects with your target market.

Along this merry path, we pay attention to the subtle things that make a difference so that we understand the potential impact of your marketing. Just like a butterfly takes flight, flaps its wings and potentially creates a massive impact a long way away, an effective content strategy has many working parts that compound and go a long way.

Five Steps to Developing your Content Strategy

  • We ask the right questions and we listen – what are your clients asking for today and can we predict what they might be wanting in the future?
  • We review and we analyse – is your marketing connecting with your target audience? Why, how and when? Where are the gaps, if any?
  • We create – we create content that relates, connects and delights your clients – both current and new.
  • We connect – we find the right online channels for your content to connect with your clients.
  • We measure and review – we analyse the data and refine your marketing where we needed.

SEO Optimisation Services

We understand SEO and how to optimise your content for organic visibility online. We develop effective on page and off page SEO practices that are fundamental to a successful online content strategy.

Digital Marketing Channels

If you need paid advertising to market your business and create traction, or to generate new leads, we will advise you on the right channels to use. Google AdWords and Facebook are known and proven digital marketing channels that we may recommend for your content strategy to reach a wider audience.

Content Writing - Creating Words With Effect

The Science: Did you know?

The following features of your website are the 4 highest ranking metrics that improve your organic position:

1) More organic visits to your website; 2) Time spent on your website; 3) Pages per session that people view and 4) The bounce rate.

A great content strategy will help your websites increase all these metrics. We like to research the science that supports our content marketing plans. Connect with us today to discover how we can help you do the same.

“HNS is so lucky to have met Gina Stamas, without her guidance, kindness and depth of knowledge, our organisation possibly would have failed. Gina knows all the right ways to help move you into a new age and does it with patience and understanding....”

Kate Kelly, Director, Home Nursing Solutions