Content Writing

Words have the ability to change minds and inspire action. They are a powerful medium of communication, and even with increased viewing activity of videos online, the written word will always carry weight, which is why you need professional content writing. The brain “sees” words and written in the right way – they will compel your future customer to want to do business with you!

Make the most of your website copy and make every word count. No matter where it is on your website, someone is reading it.

Website SEO Copywriting

The words on your website pages have a short amount of time to get their intention across clearly and succinctly to your website visitor. We write for people in language that makes sense, connects and compels action. We also optimise each page for SEO, satisfying the search engines and their needs to make your website pages visible when people are typing in key search phrases.

Blog Writing and Blog Strategy

Develop a blog strategy that keeps ahead of trends in the marketplace so that when people are reading it, they know they are getting up to date information. A blog strategy comes first, blog content second and we help develop and write both. A quality blog strategy with targeted content covers a wide range of topics your client community wants to know about, is informative and shareable.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Create email marketing campaigns that inform, connect and convert to actions. Effective email marketing campaigns provide information that is useful and timely. We use Mailchimp as our preferred platform to deliver email marketing campaigns.

White Papers, eBooks, News Articles and more

Most business owners have lots of information collected in folders, diaries and in their heads. Our professional content writing can help this content come to life. Share the depth of your knowledge and experience with your business community and bring out your expertise through white papers, eBooks and other shareable content.

Content Writing - Creating Words With Effect

The Science: Did you know?

Scientists have shown the brain “sees” words visually and takes meaning from this visual sense. Words put together in a flowing way not only provide the visual food our brain seeks, but are less stressful on our cognitive processes making them easier to absorb and remember. Isn’t that the kind of marketing message you want?

"We approached Gina because we wanted a blog to differentiate us in the marketplace and reflect what we do in a clear and fresh way. Gina has not only gone the extra mile to meet our particular needs, she has nailed the brief, and provided great creative direction and content for our industry and business.

The results have been very positive for St Louis, the business and providing information to our clients."

AnnaMarketing Manager, St Louis Aged Care