Content Strategy

The main purpose of a content strategy is to share relevant information with your business community – current and future customers, staff and business partners. In sharing your insights, activity and information, you’re generating trust and creating connections which eventually lead to sales.

Your future customers are browsing online for the information they are seeking. If they find what they are looking for on your website which offers them a good breadth of information, they stay longer, and are more likely to make an enquiry with you. Remember your visitor only needs to click once and your website page has gone. Thoughtful and creative content will minimise this abandonment to oblivion!

We’ll help you create a successful content strategy that achieves:

  • Visitors getting what they want from your website
  • Increased conversions
  • More traffic to your website
  • Improved engagement by your business community
  • A website that is more visible online

5 Steps To Building An Effective Content Strategy

  1. We listen and learn – what are your clients asking for today and can we predict what they might be wanting in the future? What sort of staff are you attracting to your business?
  2. We review and we analyse – is your marketing connecting with your target audience? Why, how and when? Where are the gaps, if any?
  3. We create – we create content that relates, connects and delights your clients, both current and new.
  4. We connect – we find the right online channels to connect with your clients.
  5. We measure and review – we analyse the data and refine your marketing as we go.

An effective content strategy lifts and moves your brand forward

Online Marketing Strategy – Google, Facebook, Linked In

How do you acquire more leads, more clients and better staff?

A potential customer connects with you at the end of the funnel, converting to a lead or a sale because they trust you. They trust you because your campaigns have been consistent in words, and images, in branding messages, and in the way you are marketing and advertising.

Effective online campaigns are a combination of several factors:

  • Key messages which sell your product
  • Effective images to tell the story
  • Landing pages to capture attention of your first time visitor
  • Calls to action to engage your potential customer
  • Remarketing to remind your potential customers of what you have to offer
  • Tracking and reporting to assess performance based on accurate data

BlueMorph Media will help you with:

  • Google Ads and Google Shopping strategy
  • Facebook and Instagram strategy
  • Linked In Advertising Strategy
  • Online competitive analysis

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