Getting your content to the eyes and ears of your ideal audience

Now that you’ve invested in developing customised and targeted content for your website, the next step is to get this content in front of your ideal customers.

Your website is your online salesperson, the content its collateral. By using the right channels to do its work, it will showcase your content to bring you leads 24×7. We’ll develop a content strategy that chooses the best digital marketing channels to find and connect with your ideal audience.

Our goal? To drive more visits to your website, to convert visits to leads, and leads to sales.

An effective content strategy lifts and moves your brand forward

Paid online advertising (PPC)

Paid advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click) through channels such as Google and Facebook help you find the people in your target market and guide them to your website. PPC is an effective way to immediately increase website traffic.

Before you embark on a PPC campaign and spend a good deal of money on visits however, your website should be primed and ready with enough content, information and the right calls to action. You want to maximise your investment in PPC by optimising it for conversion – converting website visitors to leads.

Both Google Ads and Facebook are effective advertising mediums and depending on your products or service, one or both may be the right mediums to generate leads and sales.

When assessing either or both, a good rule of thumb is:

  • Google Ads – attracts the interested buyer closer to making a decision about their next step.
  • Facebook Ads – effective for brand awareness and to generate leads from services such as eBooks, membership and newsletter sign ups.

We help you with:

  • A PPC strategy and where to invest for best ROI
  • Setting up and managing PPC advertising campaigns
  • Detailed reporting for results and performance, and most importantly, ROI

SEO Services

Optimising your website pages and content is like putting out the flags on a street for passing traffic to see your business. Non-optimised content might be well written, but it won’t lead to increased traffic. If your website is not SEO friendly, then potential customers are passing by without noticing your business.

Improving the organic visibility and ranking of your website (SEO), is a balance of creating website content that engages your future customers and satisfying the indexing criteria for search engines.

Targeted content that speaks loud and clear to your audience is the greatest contributor to SEO, it keeps people engaged and wanting to spend time browsing the other pages of your website. These SEO ranking factors outweigh most others.

Your website is your online salesperson, the more you invest in it, the more it will deliver leads for your business. Investing in SEO services is key to your online success. For more information on this topic, read our blog on Why You Need Content Marketing And A Layman’s Description Of SEO Services.

We help you with:

  • Website SEO Copywriting
  • Refreshing existing copy to optimise for SEO
  • Ongoing content development for SEO
  • On-page SEO optimisation

Social Media

Your social channels are the means to connect with your audience with news and information you want to share about your business. You’ll need quality content that people will enjoy reading and be inclined to share with their own online communities.

Each social channel has a different audience. Developing your message for a specific social channel is essential for engagement and interest. You want a social media strategy that engages, delights and connects with your target audience. Ultimately you want your social content to inspire your audience to share your content and drive more traffic back to your website.

We help you with:

  • Social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In
  • Establish social pages and target audience
  • Set up and managing social media content and posts

Email Marketing

Your email database is one of your business’s greatest assets. With many online mediums to channel your advertising spend, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways of making sales.

Email marketing involves nurturing your current and future relationships with customers and prospects while they are learning about what you can do for them. An email marketing campaign that respects people’s time by providing well thought out and valuable information – not too much but just right – will connect and compel people to take the next step.

Your email database is pure gold for your business. Keep it that way with a quality email marketing strategy.

We help you with:

  • Setting up and managing end to end email campaigns
  • Lead generation and lead nurturing strategies
  • Defining your target audiences and their needs
  • Designing and creating email templates
  • Writing copy for email newsletters
  • Review and reporting of email campaign performance

Strategy & Consulting

An effective content strategy distributes your content to online channels to reach your audience at the ideal time for ideal results. The goal is to get more leads to your website at the lowest cost.

We’ll create a content strategy that focuses on each point of the customer buying journey, from initial interaction to final sale. Your sales pipeline will have a healthy flow of prospects, with cold, warm and hot leads to guide toward the end result, more sales.

You don’t need to be all things to all people, but you do need to make sure you connect with the people you want as future customers. Using the right content with the right online channels, we want maximum the conversion rate when visitors land on your website.

A quality website content strategy starts with knowing your target market like the back of your hand – really well! We define and refine your content strategy as it evolves, analysing reports and analytics to make informed decisions.

Carefully crafted content connects with your future customer

Five Steps to Developing your Content Strategy

  1. We listen well – what are your clients asking for today and can we predict what they might be wanting in the future?
  2. We review and analyse – is your marketing connecting with your target audience? Why, how and when? Where are the gaps, if any?
  3. We create – we create content that relates, connects and delights your clients, both current and new.
  4. We connect – we find the right online channels to connect with your clients.
  5. We measure and review – we analyse the data and refine your marketing as we go.

We pay attention to the subtle things that make a difference so that we understand the potential impact of your marketing. Just like a butterfly takes flight, flaps its wings and potentially creates a big impact felt a long way away, an effective content strategy can do the same.

Content Writing - Creating Words With Effect

The Science: Did you know?

The following features of your website are the 4 highest ranking metrics that improve your organic position:

1) More organic visits to your website;

2) Time spent on your website;

3) Pages per session that people view and,

4) The bounce rate.

We’ll help your business develop a content strategy to increase all these metrics.

The team at BlueMorph Media are so easy to work with, we appreciate their flexibility and willingness to share their knowledge. Our leads have more than doubled since engaging with them to create our digital content and advertising.

Rebecca MosenMarketing, Marantali Developments