Are you a Generation X small business owner who feels Digitally D.Y.S.L.E.X.I.C?

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The generation X-ers (of which I am one) have had to make a big digital transformation, unlike the generation before us or the one after us. Yes, it us as Generation X-ers – the post Baby Boomers and pre-Millennials, that have made a significant paradigm shift from analogue to digital, from dial phones (or no phones) to smart phones, from black and white TV to TV on demand, from office paper memos to email distribution lists, the list goes on.

We have made a leap of faith to transition our lives online. We no longer “go online’, we “live online”. Now I cannot do without my little rectangular electronic gateway (my mobile) to my entire world! Banking, music, directions, connections, news – I can’t imagine my life without it.

Let’s take a trip down tech-memory lane…

  • I remember my first lap top in 1989, state of the art with a big whopping hard disk of 20 MB!
  • I remember filing cabinets lining the office floors stacked with client information, and invoices – that was CRM back then
  • I remember accepting cheques from my clients on behalf of the company I was working for
  • I remember having to go to the bank every week to withdraw my spending money
  • I remember having to pack my favourite CD’s and maps for my regional work trips so I could listen to music and work out where I was going
  • I remember having to actually go to a ticket outlet to buy tickets to a concert or event
  • I remember listening to only music in the car because there were no other distractions
  • I remember using pen and paper a lot to write clients notes, log calls, create work orders and to do lists.

All this mighty change has occurred in the last 30 years, but the digital age really hit us about 15 years ago – not that long at all. Today we absorb about 100,000 words per day, or 34 gigabytes of datahttps://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/12/09/the-american-diet-34-gigabytes-a-day/. That’s how much information passes by our eyes on a daily basis.

With this amount of cognitive load, and the speed of transformation of the digital age, aren’t we all a touch digitally dyslexic? Companies online are making their best effort to make our online experience intuitive, which essentially means they make our experience easy by being one step ahead of us. It’s a work in progress though.

On the business front, here are some of the comments I hear from day to day from my clients:

  1. Why am I not ranking on Page 1 for my most important keywords? – My website went live yesterday!
  2. Since when did Google make all the rules anyway?
  3. Apparently the inside of my website was supposed to be easy to use.
  4. What’s the difference between Google Ads and my organic ranking?
  5. How am I supposed to know how to change my Google map photo or address?
  6. SEO means I have to get my business on Page 1 because apparently Page 2 does not exist.
  7. I don’t know what really happens with SEO, I just know it works.
  8. I have a website, why am I not getting any phone calls?
  9. I get emails every day about my SEO and apparently my website is really bad and nobody can find it!

Can you relate?

What do I do if I feel a touch digitally dyslexixc?

  • Don’t panic – you are not alone, becoming more digital-savvy happens over time.
  • Remember this is still a brave new-ish world.
  • Things will only get more online so start getting educated and more comfortable. Make sure your digital partners take the time to educate you.
  • If you’re a small business owner and you get lots of calls and emails about your lacking SEO, ignore them and discuss with your digital partner.
  • Get to know the first page of Google for your business and all the players here. Watch what they do.
  • Chat with your customers, ask them what they liked about your website and it’s content.

Get yourself a digital partner who helps you understand your business online

There are many people offering digital marketing services who have a great depth of experience to offer. More importantly, find a partner that will work with you and your level of knowledge and will take you on the journey of helping you understand the ropes of your business online. You need to know the basics such as the cost per lead for every marketing dollar you spend online. You need to know your top 10 keywords.

You also need a content marketing plan and quality website copywriting. Contact me for a chat about your website copy, it is a good place to start.